"I had done a lot of English courses but could never speak English like native speakers. I used to get out of words while speaking and wrong grammar had always been a weak point for me. However, now I can speak English very well. Without stopping.” - Mahi Shah

"When I used to think about my English speaking, I felt very bad--- my reading and writing were OK. But my speaking was too bad. I always made mistakes in the forms of verbs, I was totally desperate. I saw Oxford's advertisement on a website. Now I have been attending its course for last 2 months and I am very happy. Millions of thanks .” – Chirag Patel

“I am very happy with my English now! I am improving day by day. Your course is an excellent one. I had a huge problem with my English communication. Then recently I found Oxford from newspaper ad. After three weeks of learning with the course, i found it is working incredibly. Thanks to oxford and the faculties. I am going to recommend it to others I know.” - Parth Prajapati

“Learning English after the school stage is a very difficult task, especially in Ahmedabad where there is a lack of good English language learning centers. But thanks to Oxford, I have resolved this problem. Now I am able to speak & write English fluently. Also, I have gained confidence through class participation activities such as debating competitions. I must say the staff & administration of Oxford are doing an excellent job by teaching English with the aid of the latest equipment in an excellent environment..” - Kinnari Desai

“I wanted to get an internationally recognised qualification, so I chose Oxford Academy to help me make the correct choice. They gave me all the information and guidance that I needed and now I am here at Skerry’s College in Ireland studying an MBA. I found the consultants at Oxford to be very professional and courteous and I would recommend Oxford Academy to anyone who wants to study abroad.” - Suman Daga

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